Pandemic Alliances Awards – Call for Submissions

As part of a commitment to continuous communications and recognition of thought leadership, innovation, design, management, policy, emerging technologies and more, the Pandemic Alliances seeks submissions for IQ Awards recognition any anytime. Submissions should contain a brief introduction, explanation of use/benefits and reasons why the company or individual should be recognized. The fee is $495 to compensate judges who are vendor-neutral subject matter experts and industry leaders. Award recipients will also receive a 3-500 word Press Release for their media efforts along with multi-time promotion in our Linkedin Group with more than 14.7K members.

The fee is waived for Pandemic Tech Alliance Information Technology Infrastructure Compliance members. If the fee is challenging, please submit explanation and what fee is possible.

Here are just some of the categories we are actively looking for:

  • Health and Pharma care
  • Environmental systems in/outside structures
  • Safe technology
  • Fire protection
  • Building and portable power generation
  • UPS power, solar, wind and other power systems
  • Hygiene
  • Sanitation
  • Fintech & touchless tech
  • Cyber threats
  • Physical security
  • Touchless tech
  • EOT- everything on the internet 
  • Housing technology
  • Intelligent architecture 
  • Environment climate technology
  • IoMT – internet of medical technology
  • Non technological solutions
  • Governmental innovation
  • Policy initiatives
  • Teleworking/Telecommuting
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Expert systems
  • Transportation 
  • Enhanced/Augmented/Virtual Reality
  • Gaming
  • Intelligent Buildings
  • What’s next 

If your solution, idea, innovation is not listed, please email it along anyway. To submit, please email

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