Call for Content – Pandemic Solutions Technologies Continuous Virtual Event – Never-Ending Trade Show

Pandemic Alliances is seeking virtual presentations, video, audio, talk shows, livestreaming demos, virtual reality, product demonstrations, AI tech and emerging ideas.  The goal is to gather innovative people, things and ideas together into a multi-channel live streaming network that is available continuously 7×24.  Designed for companies who cannot afford to go to major trade shows, concerned for the safety of staff and conferences, rising costs, limited customer event time, limited access to subject matter experts and presentations and other factors, virtual events are ideal for continuous events and customer engagement.  Here are the results of surveys with exhibitors regarding their future event and tradeshows:

  • Need to rethink just main events but local partner events
  • Too many shows live trade shows “bunched” we can only do so much
  • Large shows going to virtual — we are learning along with them
  • Need to offer “hands-on” virtual events 
  • Live tradeshows only offer so many hours in a day for vendors and users
  • We are already 90% working on alternative solutions
  • We are going “double-down” on digital platforms 
  • Live tradeshows not as effective as before due to fear of coronavirus
  • We are moving to live streaming for their user conference and moving their own “road shows” to streaming
  • Poly live “streaming” instead of inhouse demo centers – changing from large audience demos to 1:1 customers calls
  • Virtual trade shows allow us to “reach people where they are” – we’re coming to them instead of them coming to us
  • People have more time now and in the future because they are not just long-distance traveling but saving all the local commuting time
  • We are working on weekly streaming events on different topics 
  • Live streaming tech is affordable now to do more digital events.
  • We are encouraging all staff to do “social selling” videos 
  • We are “shifting” $$ across all the events, really look at shows for different customers — look at lead funnel and social platforms – Doing daily blogs to “being relevant”
  • Working with partners on helping them with having our content on their websites.
  • We are an industrial provider not just enterprise so it’s going to be very different – we are not going back to travel
  • Since everyone is doing webinars we need to customize the content webinars not just one size fits all
  • We think webinars should be 10 minutes or 50 we need “go back to marketing basics”
  • This is going to hard we need “fight for customer time” and this will be challenging – how will you get noticed – not just “talk the talk” not just the same boring emails you are doing
  • Common theme by many survey respondents – “there is a new climate going forward – leaning to the new virtual and people will like it” – have plan for both and have the virtual “built out” ready – moving to “ondemand” content and videos – “view at their leisure, not just our schedule”
  • We’re doing “gift cards for tele-tea party” which makes sales even more personalized 
  • There is more than doing it the same old way time to try to do something new 
  • Act fast, think digital, go virtual

This is a new endeavor and with 10s of thousands of followers on Linkedin and other media, this event will be promoted to 100s of thousands.  This is “under construction” and content will be added as sponsors develop and deliver content and solutions.  Sponsors may also gain more visibility with their own social media and streaming channels available.  To get started email or call 303-594-1694

We are building a NetFlix like user-interface which should make the compelling even more useful.

Yes, many people have said they can post on FB, YouTube and others indeed they are possible if you want your content posted where they make money on your content.

We indeed to keep this content focused and strongly recommend you also building your own social media and streaming video channel.

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