Pandemic Alliances Founding and Sustaining also receive additional member benefits in the form of professional guidance communications and webinars. Founding members receive as needed monthly private conference calls and company only webinars at no additional charge  Sustaining members receive these calls and webinars on a quarterly basis.  Additional communications and webinars are also available. To join email and click on image for indepth PowerPoint Presentation:

Background – The Pandemic Alliances market and marketing product strategy group can respond to innovative developed programs such as those down below but we also respond to custom, primary research and “jump into the deep end of the pool” to go pioneer into the future programs. Here are examples of what we have done before.  Clients asked “we have a new product but we are looking for an expert view of what market we should focus our limited efforts.” Or, our research shows an emerging market and wonder what products we have now or could build would be winners.”  Originally, “we focused on one city but want to expand into the region or nationally, if not globally, what do you think would be the best or fastest or unique strategy we should design, develop and deliver.”  Or, “the market is changing so fast we are stuck spinning our wheels and cannot agree on what we should do or even start over.”  

Each of these programs is fractional to team delivery with guidance in the form of webinars, ondemand services along with ongoing onsite design, development and delivery.  Importantly, each of these programs can be rebranded for private branding including presentations to customers, channels, investors and others as well as incorporated into the company marcom, sales and strategy efforts.

Here are examples of the webinars, however special webinars for CFO, customers, channel, Wall Street and other audiences along with new topics and issues are also available:

– Social Distancing Design for Re-Imagined Workplace

            This isn’t just about furniture and office space it’s about re-thinking the way organizational communication, structure, operations, external customer communications and public social media communications along with investors and others.  What will and how should the world reopen and stay open in a new “safe” mask-driven contact-tracing focused business world means no one-size fits all.

– ReThink > ReGroup > ReBuild > ReBound

            This explores the impact of the current pandemic and provides guidance, insights, strategy and direction for the future. This also addresses the fallback, failsafe and other issues when the crisis re-surfaces in over the next two years.

– Top-10 Hot Crisis-Driven Innovations

            This drills down into specific areas such as green, clean, intelligence, movement, space, place, mind, body, random and next.  Innovation and new product ideas will come from many sources and new markets will emerge not even imaginable even a month ago such as contact tracing, wearable “masked” tech, telehealth, telecommuting, intelligent share buildings, leadership tech, smart doors, locks, no-touch or contactless anything and many other concepts.

– Understanding Software Defined Networks

            This program focuses on a specific area to demonstrate technical and sales training in a specific solution. Whether SD-WAN, AI, mobile and other areas, building sales, technical, channel and customer presentations requires decades of technical skills and experience.

– Top-10 Critical Concept in Business Resilience

            This program explores business scale up and down in the current and future crisis whether viral or any other crisis whether a large customer, shifting market trends and other random impacts.  However, this presentation focuses on tactical technology impacts coupled with strategic options.

– Virtual Selling Start Here

            There is no more “show up and throw up” in fact it is not just doing a virtual sales presentation is about building a new technology-based sales and selling system.  This is a tactical exercise beyond CRM to effective sales automation systems.

– Enterprise/Channel Sales Acceleration

            While Virtual Selling focuses on specific selling strategies, this program takes the program outward into specific enterprise scale businesses. As we have found selling enterprises used to take 3×3 three years and expenses to sell, before the pandemic it was 4×4 four years and expenses and likely becoming longer.  CIO budgets are slashed from the get-go, yet CEOs see that digital transformation is needed more than ever to rebound faster to sustain and gain market share.  Understanding this new program is designed to move faster, with simplified processes and more effective delivery and results.

– Artificial Intelligence Market and Business Validation

            No product conceived today and going forward will be built without some form of artificial intelligence.  However, AI is not just an algorithm as bad data from a limited algorithm results in bad results.  This program is also built on MindMeld authored by Tom Cross team member. “Simply put, MindMeld is the best business book on AI ever as business leaders also need business-focused thought leadership before they make really bad decisions on AI development and delivery.” R.S.

– Virtual Events and Digital Meetings

            Now that nearly everyone has been in a desktop video conference they have seen the benefits but the many failures as it’s more than communications the way they did it live.  Said long ago, “if you are boring face-to-face, you will still be boring via video conferencing.”  Added more recently by a leading venture capitalist, “technology only makes it worse.” This program focuses on delivering “show the problem” digital presentations as those who have the best virtual meeting will win the engagement, sale and opportunity.

– Top-10 Crisis Concepts in Crisis Communications

            The program focuses on risk management from the impact of any crisis from global pandemics, product failures, litigation and other unanticipated situations. This program looks beyond the obvious of direct impact to channel, supplier and market to business, labor, global, public policy and other changes. As one CEO said from the class, “if you don’t have a crisis program it’s too late to make it, if you don’t have it.  You don’t build the fire department after the building is on fire.”

– Executive Seminar on Building a Competitive Intelligence Agency (CIA) with AI

            This program is to design, develop and deliver an ultra AI competitive assessment system, for example as one CEO said,  “Ultra would have told us that …competitors have this time prevented us from knowing enough about them; but we have not prevented them from knowing far too much about us.”

– Accelerate Revenues Faster with Strategic Customers Assessments

            This program is about who your customers are, what do they want in a buying process such as direct, channel, OEM, integrated, why are they buying now and what are the current and future needs.  Along with getting to know all the players involved in the decision, what guidance are they looking for and the processes which are needed.